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In the world of informative websites, landing pages, and e-commerce portals, businesses strive to make the right impression. And in the current times, with so much competition, you need to be smart about your presentation. A strong UX and UI are important parts of building a recognizable website, and we, an immensely experienced UI/UX design company, are here to offer you the same.

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Appealing Designs, Amazing Experiences

At Wave 66, we aim at enhancing your user experience and make the design of your digital asset appealing. Being a reliable, trusted, and knowledgeable UI/UX company, we partner with clients, understand their pain points, and deliver UI UX solutions that strengthen their web presence.

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Experience Across Niches

Be it an e-commerce portal, a mobile app, website, web application, or software, we design and build experiences across all the digital channels. Our experience across digital mediums is what makes us one of the leading and most reliable UI UX companies in India.

Trending Designs and Experiences

Our team of UI/UX design developers builds designs that are elegant, interactive, and scalable. All our efforts are user-centric wherein we ensure that our deliverables keep the users or the visitors of the website engaged.

Blending Tech and Creativity:

We whisk creativity and tech to build brilliant user experiences and designs. We leverage the latest tech and mix it with our creative thought process to deliver UI and UX that your users love, appreciate, and admire.

Our UI and UX Design services and capabilities

As a UI UX agency, we revisit the users’ journeys of your digital assets and keep reviving them to maximize conversions. We offer a number of services that you can leverage to level up your UI/UX game.

Mobile app UX & UI design services
Cross-Platform Experiences Design
UI and UX consulting
Business Software UI/UX Design
Constract Design Workshops
AR Experience Design

Our UX Design Process

With 10+ years of experience, we have optimized and made the process of UX designing perfect. With an established standard and rules, we deliver a UX design that matches your requirement and benefits your digital asset.

Initial Research

In the first step, we undertake thorough research that reveals information about the client's business, current UX status, the scope of improvement and technical challenges involved.

Understanding Requirement

It is in this step that we gather the requirements from the client, and prepare a document that lists the requirement in detail.


Based on the requirement, we strategize to achieve the set objectives and desired results.


At this stage, we leverage wireframes and build a dynamic prototype that allows us to better visualize the final product and understand its features and functionalities.

Usability Testing

: A thorough usability testing is undertaken to validate user attributes and eliminate users’ pain points.

Our UI Design Process

We have a robust and foolproof UI design process in place ensuring that the designs that we build are appealing and elegant.

Design Research

Our in-depth research includes design references, looking for design styles across the industry and researching the latest trends, and converting it all into a moodboard.

Graphic Interface

With a graphic interface, we build user touchpoints. At this stage, we build interaction points with the design for the users.


Once the analysis is done, we build the design and determine the areas of improvement.

UI Kit

In the UI Kit, all the design assets are compiled to provide functionalities to users.

Design Review

We meticulously review the final design for flaws and improvements before its deployment.

We’re Wave 66– a trusted provider of UI/UX development services

It is no news that for an app or a website to be successful, users should be able to use it easily and effectively. The features are useless unless the user can’t find and access them. There has been an increased demand in recent times for UX & UI designers in order to augment the user experience. Both UX and UI are important aspects of a website and we, being an experienced UX/UI company, know it well.

  • Enhanced Usability
  • Engaging Design
  • Customer-Centric
  • Innovative User Experiences
  • Multi-platform Compatibility

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

UX is how easily a user of an app or website reaches their goal. Strategic placement of buttons, seamless navigation, etc. all come under User Experience (UX). On the other hand, UI or User Interface is about shapes, colors, design of the elements present on the app or website.

We make designs that are user-friendly, responsive, and elegant. Further, all our designs are as per the brief offered by the client.

The timeline entirely depends on the magnitude of the project. However, at Wave 66, we deliver the design on or before the promised deadline.

Yes, we do it based on user research, user persona and competitive research.

The charges entirely depend on the length and breadth of the app/website and the complexity involved in the project. Having said that, all our UX/UI solutions are economical and they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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